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Our Company fully owns our Green Pack SA subsidiary, a leader in frozen blueberries processing.

Green Pack facilities are located in Monte Grande, Famaillá, Tucumán Province, Argentina. It processes the fruit of our business group and operates for outside vendors as well. Our facilities can manage around 800,000 kg per year.

Our IQF or Individual Quick Freezing plant is used to process and freeze blueberries.

Our frozen blueberries do achieve the highest quality standards before being processed in our own IQF facilities. Our high production volume in blueberries allows us to both achieve relevant production numbers in fresh and frozen fruit at the same time.

Fruit traceability and quality control is managed by Green Pack SA. The fruit is frozen at -22∘C in about ten minutes and then stored in chambers at -25∘C until delivered.

We can supply the market with frozen fruit in different sizes and different packaging according to commercial requirements.