The blueberry is a "Super Fruit" with a sensational growth worldwide due to its excellent and persistent flavor, it is easy and clean to eat (it has no peel and it is seedless), it has an attractive color and most importantly, it has very significant contributions to our health.

Blueberry is a fruit native to North America, and now it is also present in different varieties in Europe, Asia and South America.

The "anthocyanin", one of its components, provides blueberries with its typical color and many of its health benefits. Several studies have suggested that blueberry consumption reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease. We highlight the importance of our fruit as an antibacterial agent of the urinary system.

Early Crop owns farms located in the provinces of Tucumán, Catamarca and Entre Rios, in Argentina. We produce a wide range of varieties that are exported, in particular Snowchaser, Emerald, Kestrel and Ventura. These two aspects, geography and varieties, ensure a wide productive calendar to our fruit.

We can offer different packaging alternatives, for example 12 x 4,4oz, 12 x 6 oz and 12 x 18 oz clamshells, as well as 12 x 125 grs, 12 x 150 grs y 12 x 200 grs punnets.